Discovering New Outdoor Spaces

Discovering New Outdoor Spaces

One of the things I am really enjoying right now is discovering natural spaces where we live. It has snowed over Christmas and currently is not melting anytime soon so the local landscape is beautiful right now. Feels like we are on some sort of Skiing trip. Today we found a lake that will be perfect both in winter and summer nearby.

I got this super sophisticated mid sized trekking bag from my wife for Christmas. I didn't really get it at first but now I think it is awesome. I had fire wood in there, lunch to heat over a fire, stuff to sit on, even a snow spade! I felt like a true outdoor guy for a micro second. Which for a city boy like me is a new experience.  

A bit of fire going to get things cooking next to the lake and some mid afternoon heated lunch. Hey I am all new to this as a London boy. Not a Pret a Mange or Costa Coffee in sight!

Our new cool camping cups for the hot chocolate came out also, oh ye!

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