Life In Norway: Oslo Weather

Life In Norway: Oslo Weather

Many people I speak to from the UK who genuinely know nothing about life in Scandinavian countries tend to mention that it is cold and rains here all the time.

According to the casual British perception, it rains non stop, is always cold, dark and has poor summers. Well in Oslo at least in my experience this is just not true.

Weather in Norway varies a lot, if you are way up north (closer to the north pole) then you get extremities for sure. But the weather seems to have more conviction. So you don't "kind of get" winter or "kind of get" summer. They land and land pretty hard.

Brits sometimes just have no idea why I would give up life in sunny Britain where the sun shines all year long, for cold damp (sarcasm).  So far my experience has not been that at all.

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