Welcome to my professional blog site I run to share my professional view, ideas and a few personal experiences living here in Oslo, Norway. My content represents my personal views only and not the views of my employer or clients at the time of posting or at present.


I am a well established IT professional with 22 years of commercial experience as an engineer, architect and technology subject matter expert in cloud technologies by Salesforce and Microsoft. I have delivered complex solutions for often global customers in the retail, banking, media, energy and fast moving consumer goods industries for over two decades.

I am a hybrid technical professional who is equally at home talking to technology decisions makers as I am battling out design decisions amongst our talented engineering teams here in Norway.

Born in the UK but now living in Oslo, Norway where I deliver to Nordic and European customers.

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Shion Earl-Krogseth

I am not that active on other social media platforms these days but love to network with good people non the less.